Jen_Ramsey_twitter_profile_picReady for your brand to get ‘first date’ ready?

Hi, my name is Jen Ramsey and I’m keen to work with you if you are an expert or an entrepreneur who wants to build a powerful brand that will create more authority, traffic, more customers and sales.

We help you make your brand irresistible to your audience. We’ll also help you build your business by making your brand ‘first date’ ready.

Why first date ready? Well we believe building an irresistible brand is a lot like dating to find a long-term partner. Your brand needs to light a spark with your customer that leads to a long-term and meaningful connection.

We’ll help you, and your brand, become irresistible in four ways:

1. Courses: Our courses are designed to help you build your business – at your pace. If you want to create an irresistible offer for your audience and you’re not sure where to start – then start here. Our courses that will help you build your brand quickly. You can also tap into us for more support at any time. Read more here.

2. Coaching: We can coach you – any way you want. You can do a one-off business strategy session or if you want ongoing support to really take your business to the next level you can join our monthly coaching program. Read more here

3. Consulting: Sometimes you might need a little more hands-on help. We know that – we’ve been there. So if you want to engage us for specific work on a project click here and tell us what help you need. We promise to get back to you super quickly!

4. Live workshops: We’ve facilitated workshops for groups ranging from 6 to 600 – and love it! If your team needs a boost in the marketing space 0r you want an engaging speaker for your next live event – click here and tells us what help you need! We’d love to help.

We help you answer questions like: “What makes my brand stand out from the crowd?” “What makes me and my brand different and irresistible to my audience?”  “How can I make my brand stand out online?”

We truly believe your brand needs to excite your target audience. It needs to engage and connect in a way that attracts people to it ….so that it gets noticed.

With more than three billion people online, and more to come, is your brand attracting the right people to it?

Now, a little about me…

I’m passionate about helping people realise their dreams of creating more freedom by working online. There are lots of people out there making lots of promises – Demand for Brand is about taking the guesswork out of online success. We give you the big picture overview of what works, what doesn’t and how best to make money online.

I’ve consulted in corporate communication and brand positioning for 20 years working for many multi-nationals and well-known brands. I have loved it, but now I’m enjoying helping individual experts, entrepreneurs and businesses find their freedom and voice in the online world.

So let us help get your business ready to go out on its first date – so you can build more authority, attract more traffic, more customers and more sales!

We’ll work through building your online brand step-by-step so you feel well and truly ready to launch to your audience. Whether it’s zeroing in on your audience and niche, building a brand that increases your traffic or creating successful online products, we can help you. Click here to find out more…or contact us directly

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